Personal quotes from Joey gleaned from his writings, lectures and workshops.
You are welcome to use. Please credit Joey Crinita.com as source.

What one reflects on the outside is but a measure of who we are. “It is the interior life”, the light within, which is the essence of the soul that truly determines whom and what we are and shall ever be.


God gave us this playground, but we are breaking the swings.


In the stillness, when I venture within my spirit soars above the din herein I find the strength, to conquer life’s challenges and win.


Every dawn ushers in a new beginning, a new lease on life, a brand new start. As the tide rolls in, so it erases the scars which life has left upon our heart.
Do not fear, for the winds of change can be a good thing if you can no longer dance, then you can learn to sing!


The domain of the Spirit, cannot be seen through a clouded vision, or uncertain being.


Angels on your pillow they strive to lessen every pain and will watch between us until we meet again.


When we feel lost or in distress and our world is crumbling down if we call on the angels for help, we will land on solid ground.


If on occasion you are feeling low, and from your burdens you long to be free
take a moment to recall: God places us where He wants us to be.


When Jesus walked the hills of the Galilee, many who saw Him never knew
that standing within their midst was the Son of Man so true
and the message that He carried “to love one another, as I love you”
through the centuries has been heard by many, but acted upon by so few.


Our actions and spiritual activities reflect the fountain of spiritual insight and strength
which flourishes within each one of us.


When the soul is illuminated and the Light has pierced our inner being, however subtly,
it becomes our beacon and our guide.


Our personal and spiritual power is the sum total of all our experiences. From this we learn and grow. How we choose to utilize that awareness is entirely up to us.


We are only as powerful as we allow ourselves to be. There is no limit to the power of God. We tap into that power through prayer and meditation.


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