Frate Francesco d’Assisi

I glanced up at the Umbrian sky
To spy a lark that happened by
And my mind did travel to days of yore
When a young friar from Assisi, did grace this shore.

Hail to Francesco who took Lady Poverty as his spouse
He lived as the birds did, without the shelter of a house
He embraced the lepers and he cleansed their sores
Whilst joyfully singing the praises of the Lord.

By his life of simplicity, he choose to be free
A mirror of the Christ for all to see
Rich young men of Assisi were the first of many folk
To put down the sword and take on the shepherd’s cloak.

For his great faith Francesco was renowned
The sick and the poor they did rush to touch his gown
He was their brother, the mystic, a teacher so true
In the solitude of nature’s caves, his spirit did renew.

He was visited by the Seraphim as a mark from above
His frail body reflecting the wounds of Christ, his own true love
He taught us many lessons, in his short life span
The greatest of all is God’s love for man.

The spirit of Francesco inspires us still
To see a bird on the wing, the flower on the hill
His example has travelled through space and time
To inspire and guide us by a love so sublime.


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