I Wonder

I wonder how it will be when i get to the other side
Who will be waiting there for me to welcome me inside?

Will it be my guardian angel who has watched over me all of my days?
What of my family and friends who have gone before me on their way?

I wonder how they will appear in splendour of spirit robes refined
Will they have a luminous glow and deep within their eyes a shine?

Theirs is not a physical body now; this is a world of mind
They come and go at their own whim without constraints of time.

Have they now found each their own truth?
Those who passed at ripe old age and those who crossed in youth?

I wonder how a parent feels when they meet the child taken by war
Or a life cut short by tragic death that never saw three score?

Oh, what joy there must be on that glorious morn!
When souls whom we thought of as lost have in spirit been reborn.

I wonder how the angels sound as they sing to God in adoration
How all souls converge as one, free from colour, gender and of nation?

What delight it must be and such a time of bliss
When we encounter once again those whom we truly have missed.

Will they tell us of times when they wafted through the mists
And in the quiet of the night, upon our brow, did place a silent kiss?

I wonder how i will react when i see for myself
All the fragments of my life woven into my souls tapestry of wealth

Will i be duly grateful for all the blessings which on me God hath bestowed?
And be more than thankful for all the people whom i have met along life’s road?

I wonder.

Source: Healing Poems Of Spirit

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