I Believe In Angels

I believe in angels that guide us from above
And when we are in need of them they come to us in love
They do not always reveal themselves in spite of our mortal sighs
Perchance we may feel their presence, if we close our eyes.

For the angels come so deftly, in their sacred time
In the stillness of a moment they whisper words sublime
They inspire us to act upon the thoughts which they place within our mind
And when we are truly lost they point the way for us to find.

I believe in angels they are God’s guardians of His flock
There are times when unbeknownst to us beside us they do walk
In moments of quiet gratitude when we inhale God’s pure air
Do you not think that an angel is standing with us there?

When we behold the wonders of this world that set our soul aglow
Whether looking at a mountain, or the sky, or watching children grow
I believe that the angels prompt our hearts for us these things to show
When we feel lost or in distress and our world is crumbling down
If we call on the angels for help, we will land on solid ground.

I believe that angels walk this earth, and they may even pass our way
They send a silent signal to brighten up our day
and our spirit receives the message but not a sound is conveyed
I believe in angels, so why not be on the lookout for one today
What do you say?

Source: Healing Poems Of Spirit

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