Angels Walk Among Us

Angels walk among us, as we live from day to day
They subtly pass us on the street, whilst we scurry on our way
We do not notice angels unless they want us to
They are God’s messengers who appear from out the blue.

They are the kindly stranger who helps us when we fall
They save a lad from drowning, and heed a mother’s frantic call
They assist the elderly to cross a street, and bring the lost child home
They comfort the sad and the lonely at the end of a telephone.

Angels walk among us, bringing solace to those whose world is all askew
They determine how they can be of service to humans, when the need is true
Angels can work miracles, and with God’s permission, that is what they do
They see a need; they act on the deed, and then fade back into the blue.

Angels adopt a mortal’s guise, when they are in our midst
They move along as part of the throng, yet still do they exist
They listen when we pray to God and carry our prayers on high
So when you hear of good deeds done, do not be surprised
Chances are, it is the angels that walk among us in disguise.

Source: Healing Poems Of Spirit

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