Joey Crinita

Is an internationally known Medium who has worked with his psychic abilities for many years. He lectures, conducts workshops and gives public demonstrations of clairvoyance. Joey is the author of The Medium Touch, From Chains to Wings, Healing Poems of Spirit and This Medium’s Life.

His workshops of varying content are titled, A Walk In The Light and emphasize how he envisions spending time with those who are spiritually inclined.

Joey combines his gift of clairvoyance with an enjoyment of communicating with the public. His goal is to show people that psychic phenomena can be a normal and practical part of life which needs to be dealt with in a realistic manner.

Taking the mystery out of Mediumship, his purpose is to help people tune into their own spiritual awareness. Joey wants to be used as a lens through which people get a clearer view of their purpose and the space in which they exist. He sees his Mediumship as a sixth sense, not something supernatural.

Joey says a Medium’s job is to bring the Light and to give people what they need, not what they want. Joey believes each individual is responsible for his own spiritual progress. All one can do is encourage and serve.

As a Medium transmits the power of love and fosters human potential, Joey believes it is vital to operate from a firm and strong spiritual base with integrity.

Joey Crinita books available at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca and on Kindle